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Recently Bill Ancholla of interviewed 27 professional bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners in an effort to find the top SEO techniques that successful experts use.

Top SEO Techniques

After reviewing the detailed responses of the 27 professionals I found 6 common top SEO techniques that the expert bloggers use and highly recommend.

  1. Good Content

For search engines to rank your content well in their results you must have good content. Makes sense right? Search engines are going to rate articles with great content higher then articles that don’t offer much to the reader. The best bloggers have the same mantra, Quality over Quantity.

How to write good blog content

  1. Target Topic versus Keywords

Target Topics

This was an interesting suggestion because I have always used keyword targeting when trying to build SEO effective content. However it makes sense that when targeting a topic it is easy to generate good quality content versus targeting keywords. Also I find it easy to target topic when writing content verses targeting keywords.

  1. Build Good Relationships

Building good relationships through outreach emails, guest posts and then using those relationships to help build your content with reciprocal guest posts.

You can also ask for back links to your site helping with your SEO ratings.

Good back links are known to help with the SEO rating of websites. It can be hard to generate good quality back links, however if you build good relationships through email outreach you can find other bloggers who might be willing to add some back links to your blog or website.

  1. Create a Community

Create a community

Search engines love active communities and forum’s of people who interact with each other on a daily bases. If they see people interacting on a daily bases on your site then a search engine is going to assume that your site is a hot spot for individuals to come together, share ideas and help one another.

  1. Be Specific and Relevant

This also falls in the category of good content however I agree that you need to definitely be specific and relevant in the good content that you create. Search engines can tell how relevant your content is.

  1. Infographics

Add Infographics

If you have good infographics on your site it can help generate high quality backlinks. We are a visual society and we love to analyze data and stats through visual aids so good infographic can attract more attention to your site, which will in turn, increase your sites SEO.

Easy to use infographic builder