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sex domains make moneyWe’ve all heard the expression that “sex sells”.

Well it does. In fact, in 2010 the domain sold for $13 million – the highest priced sale of a domain name ever until then. Why so much?

It’s because so many people are typing in those three juicy letters – direct into their address bar. This traffic is huge – in fact it’s been estimated that a related domain alone gets 1000 visitors per day.

According to Alexa the current rating for is around 6000 which means it is an extremely highly trafficked domain. In fact, the are over 60,000 sites linking to and Google is the top inbound linking website, according to Alexa.

Now, we’re not suggesting you try and buy but there are 100’s of other related domains – that are sitting out there available right now – that you can pick up for under $10, and make money from them if you do it right.

Here’s some ideas for related domains – by looking at the Alexa report entitled “What sites are related to“:

alexa related domains for

What we suggest you do is check out our search results below for domains containing “sex” in them. And then run some searches on the related keywords you see above. You just might find some sexy domains with traffic!

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