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make money with weed domainsThe days of smoking a straggly impotent reefer under your parents back deck are over.

The legal marijuana industry is already a multi-billion dollar business, with public companies already on the stock market, and countries and states/provinces all trying to get in on the action.

So whether you’d like a like extra cash to boost your stash supply or to grab some extra toppings on your pizza when its munchies time, how can you profit from this freaky trend?

It’s easy.

It’s all about getting some targeted traffic and then monetizing it in several ways.

You start with a domain that is cheap to buy and has real traffic already coming to it. For example, when I wrote this post, the domain was available. And, it has traffic.

[It might be gone when you read this but there’s a ton other domain names – see the list below]

Don’t think you can make legal money in the weed business without being a shady dealer? You sure can – either selling information, weed accessories, or as an affiliate for weed seed stores who know where they can legally ship seeds and accessories.

Just take a look at WeedMaps – in 2014 they were already making $30 million per year from advertising on their weed map site and app. Even though they are stronger in the app space, their domain alone has an enviable Alexa ranking of 18,328 and it’s ranking higher all the time as interest in their site grows.

So how to find weed or marijuana related domain names that are expired AND have traffic?

What we suggest you do is check out our search results below for domains containing “marijuana” in them. And then run some searches on related keywords. You just might find some smoking hot domains with traffic!

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