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Jobs Domain Names are the Domains of the day.


Building and marketing a Job search site can be a great online business and very profitable. Not only are you helping people search and find jobs but you are also earning an income by doing so.

There are a lot of great job databases such as and that allow job sites to use their api or job banners to share job openings with people who are actively searching for a new job. If you owned a jobs domain name you could use the api or banner to share these jobs with users that come to your site and earn money when your users click on the job links. However this is a more advanced approach for seasoned web designers and developers who are familiar with building websites and implementing api’s.

Jobs domain names can also be purchased and redirected to job search affiliate links. There are a lot of job based affiliate programs on popular job sites such as and Sign up for the affiliate publisher program, buy an expired job domain name with traffic and redirect them to the publisher program that you have been approved on.

Finally the simplest method you could use is to simply park the jobs domain name and make money on every click you receive that is hosted by your domain parking service. There are a lot of great domain parking services we mention in our How to make money buying domain names article. The disadvantage to this approach is that you will only have one page on your site and you will lose any chance at building out great SEO friendly content.

Happy domaining!

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