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AJ Agrawal wrote a great article on on How to Design a Beautiful Website for Cheap.

In his article he discuses 5 main steps that we are going to expand upon in designing a professional website on a budget. Below are the 5 steps AJ talks about.

  1. Use a template

Most of the websites I build use the WordPress web based software. If you know how to upload and install WordPress then you are familiar with how powerful of a software WordPress is at If you are not familiar with WordPress and don’t know how to install software you can use the WordPress hosted services at

  1. Create your own graphics

There are a lot of free photo and illustration sites where you have access and permission to use images on your website based on the Creative Commons permissions

If you are looking for an affordable professional logo for your business, or just to get ideas on what a great logo looks like try

  1. Download a free template to customize

For WordPress there are thousands of templates/themes available at WordPress. I pay for a yearly subscription to Elegant Themes and use their Divi template on a number of my sites.

  1. Hire a freelancer

Like AJ recommends Fiverr and UpWork are my favorite choices

  1. Consider hiring a student

I have never hired a student, however this might be a good idea in developing the Social Media side of your business. Students would probably very motivated to work on your site for a little extra cash especially if you series about designing a professional website on a budget.