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make money from expired domainsCan you really make money from expired domain names? Absolutely. Just because someone lets one of their domains expire doesn’t mean that it’s worthless.

You see, there are many people who have lots of ideas for projects and they start them at different times and in some cases may even start several at once. It’s almost impossible to keep all those projects going so what happens is that they might lose passion in a project after having built a website on a domain.

That website might have had good content on it, and is most likely linked to from other sites – which means it’s probably getting some traffic. Some expired domains still get traffic due to links elsewhere on the internet which point to them plus domains can also get “direct navigation” traffic which is typed in at the address bar.

So the fact is that expired domains can get traffic, but not all of them do. (Tip: to discover which expired and available domains actually get some traffic you can check our database for free by signing up for a DomainNotebook account here).

So assuming you have done some searches, found an available domain with solid traffic, and bought it. Now what?

Here’s 5 ways you can make money from that domain, and you don’t need to buy a $997 course to explain it to you 🙂

    1. Park the domain. What this does is redirect all the traffic from that domain to a “parking page“. They look like this:
      example of parking page for domainBy parking the domain with a parking company, you share a % of the revenue they get from advertisers who pay for clicks on that parking page. We also provide this service to our members.


    1. Send the traffic to an offer. There are thousands of affiliate offers where you get paid for people who signup (leads) or who buy someone else’s product (*% sale). There are other types of affiliate offers but those are the main ones. Here’s a site that lists lots of high paying offers (tip: find a domain that relates to the offer your are planning to send traffic to, instead of buying a domain and then looking for an offer for it):
      Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Programs | CPA Offers | OfferVault


    1. Rent out the domain. Find someone who wants the traffic from that domain and offer to rent it out to them. This way you keep the domain (for future sale or development) and make a monthly income from the domain. Imagine if you got $10/month from a domain that only costs you $10/year? Now repeat for 1000 domains and you are making $120,000.00 per year in revenue and the domains will only cost you $10k/year. That’s $110,000.00 profit per year AND you still own those domains. Of course there is time in finding those customers and payment fees etc. but start with a few and build it from there.


    1. Sell the domain. Often another company will see interest in a domain that already has traffic and fits their business idea – either they will build a small site on the domain or redirect the traffic to their own site. Who cares? If they want to buy it for $1000 and you paid only $10 that’s a nice quick cash boost. Even if you can’t find anyone to pay a decent price for it, then use some of the other methods listed here to at least make back your tiny $10 investment and worst case try auction it off with a min reserve price of $10, so you get your money back.


  1. Build a mailing list from the domain. Write some text on a page (e.g. using free Google Forms) that capture an email address. This way you build a list of email addresses interested in a certain topic. Once you have an email list you can find out what those people really want, and sell it to them (e.g. as an Amazon affiliate) or by sending them other offers as an affiliate. Here’s an example of a simple Google Form I use on a video related domain that captures email: